"Not Guilty" Verdict Handed Down in Felony Murder Trial

Attorney Aaron A. Nelson and his criminal defense team received a "not guilty" verdict on behalf of their young client, following a four day felony murder trial. The jury took just two hours to find Nelson's client not guilty on all counts, including being party to felony murder, attempted armed robbery and being party to attempted armed robbery. After months of dedicated and precise preparation, Attorney Nelson and his team felt confident going into the trial, while being cognizant of the severity of the charges as well as the highly emotional context of the case. Nelson kept these facts in mind as he defended his client's innocence. In the end, justice was served, though it did not necessarily bring a sense of joy.

Nelson told reports, “You know there's still always going to be some sadness, I mean, this is a case involving a tragic act. Somebody was murdered. The jury found that [our client] did not aid or abet or assist in that, but the family obviously still has the loss and so while we can have our relief there's still a deep sadness that comes out of this.”

To read the full article printed in the Superior Telegram, click on the link:   http://www.superiortelegram.com/news/crime/3935488-attorneys-react-not-guilty-verdict.