Attorney Aaron Nelson Receives Honor from State

NEW RICHMOND, Wis. – Attorney Aaron Nelson of Doar, Drill & Skow was awarded the Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer’s 2014 David Niblack Award.  Kathy Pakes, the Director of the Wisconsin State Public Defender’s Assigned Counsel Division in Madison, stated as follows: 

Attorney Aaron Nelson has represented public defender clients since 1996.  Over the years he has been a steadfast partner for our agency, accepting the most complex and serious cases.  

Aaron has never relented in his willingness to represent indigent clients in the most difficult cases and when the need is greatest.  Earlier this year Aaron vigorously litigated and then tried a first degree homicide in Superior.  After a weeklong trial, his client was acquitted.  Aaron always put his heart and soul into his client’s case; it speaks volumes for his character that he recognized everyone that helped him along the way.

Just as impressive as Aaron’s dedication to indigent clients is his willingness to share information with his colleagues. He consistently volunteers his time to mentor newer lawyers in the Eau Claire region, and often meets face-to-face with younger SPD staffers to brainstorm their cases.  In the field of OWI he has helped many State Public Defender staff with questions and was part of the local bar contingent that volunteered to present at an OWI seminar in the Eau Claire region.  Our local office can always rely on him to share his materials, sample motions, and research.  He donated his valuable time to help an SPD staff lawyer with her first OWI trial on the issue of retrograde extrapolation.

Attorney Nelson’s advocacy and dedication to his clients, passion for the law and willingness to share his knowledge and experience with his criminal defense colleagues raises the quality of the criminal defense bar not only in northwestern Wisconsin, but across the State of Wisconsin.  The State Public Defender Agency cannot express how lucky we are to have him as a partner in the ranks.

This comes on the tails of several other prestigious awards in Aaron’s career, including inclusion to the Wisconsin Super Lawyer’s list (2011-2014), Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Wisconsin (2011-2014), and the Martin Hanson Advocate’s Prize (2010, 2014) for his successful defense in two homicide trials. In addition to these, he is a faculty member at the National Criminal Defense College’s Trial Practice Institute, and a contributing member of both the national and state Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers as well as the State Public Defender’s office.

As detailed by Director Pakes, Aaron has a passion for serving justice, regardless of whether or not his clients retain him through his private practice or through the Public Defender’s office. Aaron explains it in this way: “I consider it an honor to be able to take cases from the Public Defender’s Office and represent people throughout the State of Wisconsin. I take these cases because I believe everybody deserves quality representation, whether they can afford it or not.”

No matter their circumstances, Aaron will hold back nothing to ensure he offers his clients the strongest defense. Perhaps one of his most impressive qualifications is his ability to see beyond the physical evidence and identify and understand the “hidden” facts. Where many others see a mere criminal, Aaron sees a person desperate for hope and help. And that is something he strives to offer to every one of his clients.