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Since 1883, the attorneys at Doar, Drill & Skow have represented families, individuals and businesses across Wisconsin and Minnesota in areas of personal injury, criminal defense, family law and divorce, civil litigation, estate planning and trusts, workers compensation and more. We have been recognized as one of Western Wisconsin’s most skilled and successful personal injury law firms and have built our reputation on what we achieve for our clients. We are committed to being your advocate, regardless of your circumstances.

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Our office is preparing to physically re-open with certain precautionary measures in place. The safety of our staff, clients and community is our priority. Therefore, beginning Monday, May 18th, we will resume welcoming in-office meetings and appointments, but limiting the number of non-employees physically present in the building to three. For all meetings, including those that require a greater number of attendees, virtual platforms will remain available. Further, we will be offering masks to all current and prospective clients, family members, attorneys and professionals who meet at our office. We also have enhanced our cleaning and sanitizing process to include daily sanitization of all common areas, countertops and door handles. This process is ever-evolving as we continue to monitor the recommendations set forth by experts. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

We have been encouraged by the manner in which our community has banded together to support our elderly, immune-compromised, small businesses, school children and each other as a whole. We are not out of the woods yet, but to our community, medical staff, parents, teachers, and everyone else who have helped one another get through the last few months, we thank you. #NRStrong