Agricultural Litigation in Wisconsin

Agricultural Litigation in WisconsinAgricultural litigation covers a variety of issues that arise on modern farms.

These include:

  • Adulterated or contaminated feed
  • Defective animal confinement buildings
  • Defective heating and cooling systems
  • Defective feeding equipment
  • Defective milking equipment
  • Herbicide and pesticide claims
  • Other defective farm buildings
  • Other defective farm equipment
  • Stray voltage
  • Veterinary and nutritionist malpractice
  • Other legal concerns related to farming or farm-related operations

Adulterated or Contaminated Feed

Farm animals have special dietary requirements that are typically "rationed" or prescribed by nutritionists. Therefore, if animals receive the wrong food, refuse to eat their food, receive defective food or sort through their food (and only eat a part of it), they do not get their required dietary ration. An inadequate or unhealthy diet can lead to decreased production, decreased reproduction, illness or death.

Defective Farm Equipment and Defective Farm Buildings

Defective farm equipment and buildings can leave today's modern farmer in serious economic hardship. Our attorneys have handled cases involving silos, silo unloaders, feeding systems, curtains in confinement and dairy barns, temperature controls, teat dip, milking equipment, milk-line washing equipment, electric converters, barn ventilation systems and more. We can help you with any problem with defective equipment issue that you are faced with.

Herbicide/Pesticide Claims

Misapplication of herbicides and pesticides can result in economic losses and devastating personal injury. Elevators sometimes mistakenly apply herbicides to corn that is not genetically modified to permit such application. Applying anhydrous ammonia and other chemicals to fields with sprayers on a windy day can result in "drift" that has been known to kill adjacent livestock, damage other crops or plants and cause personal injury to humans. Mistakes are made by custom applicators. At Doar, Drill & Skow, we are able to help you with any herbicide/pesticide claim you may have.

Stray Voltage

"Stray voltage" or "stray current" is a phenomenon caused by either on-farm or off-farm electric currents that run through the farm. Stray voltage can have a devastating impact on farms and farm animals. Dairy cows are particularly susceptible to the electric current. Stray voltage affects the cows' immune systems leading to a variety of problems including: mastitis, hoof problems, loss of milk production, reproductive loss and death. Damage from stray voltage is hard to detect. At Doar, Drill & Skow, we have the ability to set you up with the right people to test, evaluate and detect stray voltage on your farm.

Veterinary and Nutritionist Malpractice

Like everyone, veterinarians and nutritionists make mistakes from time to time. When this happens, farmers can suffer drastic economic losses. With extensive experience in agricultural related cases, we can help you recover your economic losses stemming from veterinary or nutritionist malpractice.

We Have the Knowledge and Experience to Help You

In order to effectively practice in this area of law, the attorney you select must have knowledge of the science and economics involved in modern farming, including: electric currents, electrical distribution systems, animal diseases, animal nutrition, agronomy, feeding systems, feed storage systems, milking practices, milking equipment, farm structures and confinement facilities. Doar, Drill & Skow has this experience and knowledge through access to the top specialists and research in the field and through the numerous cases we have handled in this field. For a no obligation consultation with one of our agricultural litigation attorneys at Doar, Drill & Skow, call 877-362-7529 toll free or contact us online. Located in New Richmond, we serve clients throughout western Wisconsin.