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Disability Insurance – Are you Covered?

Suppose, if you will, that you’ve been injured in a serious accident. Surgeries are required, along with extensive treatments and months or even years of recovery. You may have a small reserve tucked away that will sustain you for a couple of weeks or months, but what then? Unable to return to work, you could face mounting bills and tremendous financial burdens. Your biggest asset is not your home or current investments, but rather your ability to go to work and garner a suitable income. When that is taken away, you have very few options. However, if you have an adequate disability insurance policy, many of those financial burdens could be eliminated.

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding disability insurance, leaving many people unknowingly at risk. Disability insurance is private insurance, most often obtained through an employer or individually, that pays lost wages as a result of a non-work related illness or injury. It is not to be confused with Workers Compensation Insurance or Social Security Disability Insurance. There are two types of disability insurance: short term and long …
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