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How to File For Unemployment in Wisconsin

Filing for unemployment in Wisconsin was once time-consuming, but online filing has simplified the process. Creating an online claim allows you to register for benefits, set-up an automatic deposit into your checking account, and answer questions regarding your application. The website is also your online connection to all of Wisconsin’s state work programs and assistance. To get started, a computer will make the process simpler, although it is possible to file from your mobile phone. If you don’t have online access, many libraries offer use of computers after acquiring a free membership card. (If you are unable to obtain on-line access, you can always file by telephone, by calling 608-266-3131.)

To get started:

  • On the internet, navigate to
  • Choose “File for Benefits Online”
  • Gather the information listed
  • Choose the “Apply for Benefits Here” button
  • Enter your information

You will be informed when your claim is being processed. If there is a problem or your situation is a special circumstance, you may be directed to call a claims specialist. If you work for an education employer, or there is confusion about the identity of …
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