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Dealing with Health Insurers on the Payment of Medical Bills

Given the high cost of medical insurance, it can be very frustrating to have to battle your health insurer to have them pay for medical testing, procedures, or medication. If you have an insurance claim because you were sick, needed a medical procedure, or experienced some type of accident or trauma, it can be overwhelming to battle your insurance company, in addition to coping with your own injury or illness.

You do have options if your insurance company refuses to pay a claim or does not pay their full portion of it. Staying patient and keeping proper records will help you and ultimately increase the chances of getting the claim paid.

Get pre-authorization if possible

If you need to have surgery or an elective procedure, make sure your doctor or hospital gets pre-authorization from your insurance company. Most doctors or hospitals will be happy to provide you with a copy of the pre-authorization.  If the insurance company issues a pre-authorization, they are more likely to pay.

Understand the benefits of your policy

Review your health insurance policy to …
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