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Estate Planning During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Estate Planning During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus has changed every aspect of society, and the pandemic has many people reviewing their current estate planning strategy. Contemplating the “what if” scenarios leads to people wanting to make sure their affairs are in order. Social distancing and stay home orders do not mean that you cannot update your estate plan.

Some law firms, including our own, are offering creative solutions to serve their clients during this unprecedented time. The legal field is embracing the remote work option and staying in touch with clients through phone calls, emails, and video-conferencing.

Many people have more time right now, as COVID-19 has hit the pause button on many of the things that once kept us all busy. That makes this an excellent time to think through any changes you might want to make to your estate plan. If you have not gone through the process of estate planning, now is the perfect time to tackle the issue.

Things to consider in estate planning

Estate planning is more than a will. Estate planning allows you …
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