It’s that time of year again. The fireworks are over and school supplies are flying off of the shelves. Soon young and eager learners in our community will be returning to school. Drivers must be aware of the increased buses, bicyclists, and pedestrians to avoid an incident causing Personal Injury to themselves or others. Here are some reminders from the National Safety Council on Back to School Driving Safety.

Bus Safety

  • Give students and buses plenty of space. Flashing lights and stop arms mean you MUST stop.
  • Passing a moving bus is risky for both the bus and the passing vehicle so it’s best to have patience and wait.


  • Give children riding bicycles plenty of space. They may not remember all the rules of the road in a high traffic situation. Be aware that they rarely use turn signals.
  • When turning, always allow a bicyclist to proceed through before continuing. Left-hand turns are the most common cause of vehicle bicyclist accidents.
  • Always check your side mirrors for approaching bicyclists before opening your doors.


  • The most common age for a youth pedestrian fatality is 4-7 years old. Go SLOW through school zones, neighborhoods, and parks.
  • Always stop before the crosswalk. Be patient and allow the pedestrian plenty of time to cross the road. Never honk or crowd a pedestrian crossing the road.
  • Never pass a vehicle stopped for pedestrians.

Each year when students go back to school, added congestion is a guarantee. If you’re a parent dropping off a student or commuter on your way to work, it’s a good idea to leave 10 minutes earlier than normal for the first two weeks while bus, bicycle, and pedestrian routines become familiar. Leaving extra time and using the tips above will improve safety for all during this transition.

If you or your child are injured in a car accident, call an attorney to discuss your legal rights. 

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