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Social Media and Personal Injury Claims

Social media use has grown dramatically in the last several years. Recent polls have indicated that as many as 78% of adults in the United States have at least one active social media profile. Although people use these platforms for varying reasons, most people use them to share personal aspects of their lives, from what they had for dinner to marriages and deaths. Whether it comes in the form of a tweet, a quip or a photo, our lives have become a story for just about anyone to read.

Many people do not consider, or perhaps fully understand, the ramifications such open access can have, especially in legal matters. Law enforcement routinely uses social media to identify, track and even prosecute criminal activity. Insurance adjusters and attorneys have used social media profiles to search for evidence that might contradict or support a claim or case. This is especially true in personal injury cases.

When you’ve been injured in an accident, it can feel like second nature to post a status, photos of your mangled car or injuries, and periodic updates …
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I Feel Like My Case is Worth More…What Do I Do? Understanding the Value of Your Personal Injury Case.

Personal Injury attorneys get asked about the value of cases often. Due to the number of aspects that can affect a claim’s value, or the insurer’s willingness to make a particular offer, it can be difficult to accurately estimate a claim’s worth. With that said, an experienced personal injury attorney can review several key factors of your case to help set the stage for a successful outcome.

First, the question of liability comes into play. Who’s at fault? If you bear any portion of fault for the accident, you may consider accepting a lower settlement. Your attorney should be able to evaluate liability by reviewing the accident report and police narrative, if one exists. In some instances, there is a shared agreement between the parties involved not to contact police following an accident. Please note that this is not usually advisable. In the absence of a formal accident report, there is no documented proof of liability or guarantee of credible insurance information for a potential claim for damages.

The weather conditions at the time of the accident can also factor …
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Disability Insurance – Are you Covered?

Suppose, if you will, that you’ve been injured in a serious accident. Surgeries are required, along with extensive treatments and months or even years of recovery. You may have a small reserve tucked away that will sustain you for a couple of weeks or months, but what then? Unable to return to work, you could face mounting bills and tremendous financial burdens. Your biggest asset is not your home or current investments, but rather your ability to go to work and garner a suitable income. When that is taken away, you have very few options. However, if you have an adequate disability insurance policy, many of those financial burdens could be eliminated.

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding disability insurance, leaving many people unknowingly at risk. Disability insurance is private insurance, most often obtained through an employer or individually, that pays lost wages as a result of a non-work related illness or injury. It is not to be confused with Workers Compensation Insurance or Social Security Disability Insurance. There are two types of disability insurance: short term and long …
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