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Common Questions about Personal Injury Suits

The laws vary by state, but an injured person may claim compensation, property damage, medical bills, earnings loss, pain and suffering, including affected quality of life.  Here are some general answers to the most commonly asked questions related to personal injury claims.  It is important to speak with an attorney to discuss the specifications of your case.

What should I do after a personal injury accident?

Seek medical care.  Once you receive the necessary treatment, it’s a good idea to take pictures of your injuries and record exactly what happened before details are forgotten.  If someone witnessed your accident, keep their information along with the police report if one was filed.  As soon as you are able, find an attorney that has experience with cases like yours.  Investigating the circumstances of an accident is something an attorney will want to do as early as possible.

How much compensation will I receive for my injury case?

The amount a claimant receives varies depending on the severity of the injury and negligence on the part of the defendant.  Factors considered in this …
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5 Steps to Take After an OWI Arrest

Being charged with an OWI can be overwhelming. You’re not alone. The FBI estimates that over one million people are arrested each year under the suspicion of alcohol or narcotics impairment while driving. It is important to remain calm and use the following steps to assure the best outcome for your case.

  1. Call an OWI Attorney

Find a local attorney who specializes in impaired driving cases. Your attorney will give you some quick advice and get you set-up for a consultation.

2. Record the Details

As soon as your mind is clear, record everything that you can remember about your arrest. Important details to recall include where you were before driving, how many drinks you had and what type of alcohol you consumed, why you were stopped or pulled over, the amount of time you were consuming alcohol, any blood or breathalyzer results, and any witnesses or passenger accounts.

3. Set Your Social Media Accounts to Private

Make sure to set all of your social media accounts to private. This will help prevent relatives, friends, and …
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Back to School Driving Safety

It’s that time of year again. The fireworks are over and school supplies are flying off of the shelves. Soon young and eager learners in our community will be returning to school. Drivers must be aware of the increased buses, bicyclists, and pedestrians to avoid an incident causing Personal Injury to themselves or others. Here are some reminders from the National Safety Council on Back to School Driving Safety.

Bus Safety

  • Give students and buses plenty of space. Flashing lights and stop arms mean you MUST stop.
  • Passing a moving bus is risky for both the bus and the passing vehicle so it’s best to have patience and wait.


  • Give children riding bicycles plenty of space. They may not remember all the rules of the road in a high traffic situation. Be aware that they rarely use turn signals.
  • When turning, always allow a bicyclist to proceed through before continuing. Left-hand turns are the most common cause of vehicle bicyclist accidents.
  • Always check your side mirrors for approaching bicyclists before opening your doors.


The Top 10 Scams Against Seniors and How to Protect Them

Do you know an elderly American who has fallen victim to a scam? According to the Senate Special Committee on Aging, senior citizens lose close to $3 billion each year to scams. This amount is staggering and unacceptable. It’s important to understand that scams against seniors take many shapes. From complete strangers to immediate family members, scammers use various methods to illegally obtain financial advancement for themselves. Knowing common scams and educating your loved ones can help protect them against becoming a victim.

Top 10 Scams Against Seniors

  1. IRS Phone Call – Phone scammers, using local area codes, tell victims they owe back taxes or penalties to the IRS. They threaten warrants or arrest if not paid. They ask for payment in many forms including money orders, credit cards, and even gift cards.
  2. Robocalls – Unsolicited repeated calls selling non-existent products.
  3. Sweepstakes Scams – Fraudsters contact via phone, mail or email requesting a fee to produce sweepstakes winnings.
  4. Computer Tech Support Scams – Phone scammers claim to be from a known tech company such as Microsoft or Apple. They convince the victim their …
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Finding the Right Attorney

How Do I Choose the Best Attorney for My Case?

Trying to find legal help can be difficult and frustrating. Many people who don’t know where to look turn to Google or other places on the internet. Oftentimes, this only worsens the confusion because not all attorneys are equally good nor do they all handle the same types of cases. It’s important to remember that selecting the right attorney can be the difference between a successful resolution of your matter and failure.

Here are the top 4 attributes to look for in an attorney:

  1. Experience – Hire an attorney who has significant experience in that area of law and has been successful in similar matters. You also want an attorney who has experience practicing law within your state. Each state has its own unique laws, so experience in your state is crucial.
  2. Specialization –Find an attorney who specializes in that field. Don’t hire a divorce lawyer to handle a personal injury claim or a real estate lawyer to defend you if you are accused of a crime.  Lawyers who specialize in …
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