Charitable Trusts in Wisconsin

When setting up wills and trusts, many people desire to give back to their community or to organizations that have touched their lives through charitable trusts. Choosing to construct a charitable trust has many benefits, but can also be complex. Partner with the professional estate planning team at Doar, Drill & Skow to create and manage your trust in a way that stays true to your intentions and achieves your goals.

Know Your Wishes are Respected for Years to Come

Charitable trusts may be set up many different ways, depending on your preferences for how they are managed during your lifetime or as part of your will. To make sure your requests are followed after your death, it is essential to have the trust constructed well. Rely on the skilled estate lawyers at Doar, Drill & Skow to present you with an unbiased view of all your options and to help you craft the materials that ensure the charitable trust will perform as desired.

Gain the advantages that come with charitable remainder and lead trusts, such as:

  • Control over asset distribution;
  • Added privacy and protection;
  • Avoidance of probate costs and time;
  • Simplification of estate tax planning;
  • Peace of mind;

Work with Proven Legal Advocates

Find the expert support and guidance that comes from a history spanning more than a century as you follow your philanthropic pursuits. In often complicated legal matters, our team of trust administration attorneys walks you step-by-step through each process, acting as a strong representative for your interests.

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