Dog Bite Attorney in Wisconsin

Dog Bite Attorneys in Wisconsin

There are an estimated 70 to 80 million dogs in the United States and nearly 5 million people are bitten by these dogs each year. Many of these individuals are forced to seek medical attention for their injuries. Because of their small size, the majority of dog bite victims are children, half of which are bitten in the face. However, both children and adults can be victims of severe and long-lasting dog bite injuries.

All Dogs Can Bite and Cause Lasting Harm

Although some breeds are known for their aggressive or dangerous behavior, all dogs are capable of biting. A dog bite can leave physical and emotional scars. An animal attack in someone’s childhood could forever haunt them. Not only do attacks leave disfiguring, appearance-altering physical scars, they can leave victims in fear of pets and other animals they encounter every day.

Wisconsin’s Strict Liability Dog Bite Law

In Wisconsin, pet owners can be held automatically liable for any damages or harms caused by their dogs. Animal attack victims do not necessarily have to prove pet owners overlooked prior complaints or acted recklessly.

We Are Here to Help You Gain the Recovery You Deserve

At the law firm of Doar, Drill & Skow, we advocate for animal attack victims from a position of strength. Our attorneys have represented clients in hundreds of dog bite cases and know how to develop compelling claims focused on proving fault and the extent of damages you or your loved one has endured.

We want the pet owner’s insurer to recognize the emotional and physical ramifications of the animal attack. To do so, we will consult doctors and psychologists to understand the extent of medical and emotional care needed, including any necessary reconstructive surgeries, future scar reduction surgeries and therapy services. We are committed to helping you recover compensation for all the medical expenses you have endured.

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If you or your loved one was attacked, you are entitled to compensation for any damages associated with the dog bite injury. For a FREE consultation with one of our dog bite attorneys at Doar, Drill & Skow, call 877-362-7529 toll free or contact us online. Located in New Richmond, we serve clients throughout western Wisconsin.