Domestic Violence Attorney in Wisconsin

Domestic Abuse in Wisconsin

In domestic violence situations, Wisconsin operates under a “mandatory arrest” law which requires police officers to arrest someone if they are called out to an incident scene. The problem is that these situations are rarely black and white. Emotions are usually running high, things become exaggerated and issues of self-defense arise. At Doar, Drill and Skow, we have extensive experience defending clients accused of domestic violence offenses such as:

  • Battery
  • Child Abuse
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Domestic Abuse
  • False imprisonment
  • Harassment
  • Restraining Order Violation
  • Other Domestic Violence Related Charges

Domestic Violence Charges Are Serious

In Wisconsin, allegations of domestic abuse are taken very seriously by state prosecutors and law enforcement officials. These cases are aggressively prosecuted and carry significant penalties for those who are convicted. Be careful when considering a guilty plea, as this plea could be used against you in a civil action. Not only can a domestic assault conviction result in a civil lawsuit or jail time, it can also result in:

  • A criminal record
  • A loss of the right to possess a firearm (even for hunting)
  • Limited custody rights to your children
  • No contact orders (the loss of the right to have contact with the alleged victim, even essential contact such as meeting shared financial obligation or arranging parenting time with your children)
  • Probation
  • The inability to have contact with loved ones

There Are Two Sides to Every Story

Our attorneys understand that domestic violence cases are complicated and have implications for families that go far beyond any single incident. If you have been accused or arrested for domestic abuse, it is important that you retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. For a no obligation consultation with one of our domestic abuse attorneys at Doar, Drill & Skow, call 877-362-7529 toll free or contact us online. Located in new Richmond, we serve clients throughout western Wisconsin.