Drug Possession Attorney in Wisconsin

Choose a strong, experienced defender when charges are brought against you for drug possession. Beyond potentially facing jail time, probation, or high fines, allegations of having illegal drugs or prohibited substances can have long-lasting consequences for current and future employment, education, and even housing. Minimize damage by bringing your case to the dedicated team of defense attorneys at Doar, Drill & Skow.

Act Quickly to Build Your Best Defense

Immediate action is vital to establishing the grounds for your defense and providing you with potential options. Our Wisconsin law firm works to protect your future by identifying and pursuing your best strategy, helping you understand the process, and, when necessary, advocating for your rights at trial. The skilled criminal defense attorneys at Doar, Drill & Skow have helped countless clients avoid a harsh sentence, with many having their case dismissed entirely.

Gain help and understanding in situations involving:

  • First offenses
  • Marijuana possession
  • Illegal prescription drugs
  • Narcotics and other controlled substances
  • Unintentional possession
  • And more

Let Us Protect Your Rights

At Doar, Drill & Skow, our expert defense lawyers work diligently to protect your freedom and rights. At each step, we will fully explain the issues in your case and discuss recommended actions. You are kept involved and informed as we resolve the charges against you.

Make Sure Your Rights Are Protected!

For a FREE consultation with one of our criminal defense attorneys, call (715) 246-2211 or contact us online. Located in New Richmond, we serve clients throughout western Wisconsin and Minnesota.