Drunk Driving Attorney in Wisconsin

Drunk Driving Attorney in Wisconsin

Whether you call it an OWI, DWI or DUI, your future is at risk. An arrest for drunk driving has serious consequences. Without a strong defense strategy, you could lose money, your privilege to drive and your freedom.

You Face Two Legal Challenges

An arrest for drunk driving in Wisconsin leads to two legal proceedings — a criminal proceeding and an administrative proceeding that could result in the suspension of your privilege to drive.

Act Quickly

It is important to act quickly to obtain legal representation after an OWI/DWI arrest. If you took a test and the result was over the legal limit, then you must request an administrative hearing within 10 days. If you refused to take the test, then you must also request a hearing within 10 days. Failure to request a hearing may result in you loosing your privilege to drive in Wisconsin.

We Will Aggressively Defend Your Rights!

At Doar, Drill & Skow, we are experienced trial lawyers who aggressively defend people accused of drunk driving and other related traffic violations. We will work zealously to defend your rights and preserve your freedom. We will explain the issues in your case and recommend appropriate courses of action. If possible, we will seek to obtain a dismissal of the charge or a reduction to a non- alcohol related traffic offense. For a no obligation consultation with one of our criminal defense attorneys at Doar, Drill & Skow, call 877-362-7529 toll free or contact us online. Located in New Richmond, we serve clients throughout Western Wisconsin.