Farm Accident Attorney in Wisconsin

Farm Accident Attorneys in WisconsinFarming is one of the most rewarding careers in western Wisconsin and our very state is built on this industry. Although farming is an enormous part of our state, both geographically and economically, we don’t often think of farming as an especially dangerous occupation – when in fact, it is. Farming is one of the three most dangerous occupations in the country. We know that farm accidents can result in death or permanently disabling injuries, including amputated or mangled limbs, head trauma, lacerations and scars, and catastrophic back injuries. Despite years of experience and safety precautions, farming accidents still occur on a regular basis, seriously impairing or affecting the livelihood of those injured.

Causes of Farm Accidents, Injuries and Deaths

Farming accidents can occur for a number of reasons, including:

  • Augers, choppers, balers and other implements
  • Bulls or other cattle and livestock
  • Inadequately designed or manufactured equipment (mowers, front-end loaders, cranes, backhoes, bulldozers and others)
  • Power takeoff injuries (PTO)
  • Road accidents (hay wagons, tractors, farm trucks, and others)
  • Silo and grain dryer accidents
  • Slip and falls
  • Tractor and combine accidents
  • Other farm mishaps

You Need An Attorney You Can Trust

Insurance companies devote considerable resources fighting claims that result from these accidents. We have sued manufacturers of dangerous equipment and held farm owners accountable for their negligence. You need the experience and hard work of the Doar, Drill & Skow attorneys on your side to ensure both you and your family’s future.

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