Doar, Drill & Skow File Clerks

Meet our team of File Clerks at Doar, Drill & Skow, who preserve client files on a daily basis to maintain and safeguard all attorney-client relationships. 


Tonya Hesselink

Tonya joined the firm in March of 2017 as a file clerk for Attorney Michael Brose. She came to Doar, Drill & Skow with over a decade of legal experience, which helped her quickly expand her role to Paralegal Assistant for Mr. Brose.  Tonya is also a certified massage therapist.  Her passion for helping and caring for others has made her an exceptional advocate for our clients.

Leah Sanders

Leah came to Doar, Drill & Skow in the spring of 2017 and serves as file clerk to Attorney Matthew Biegert. With a calm, compassionate nature, a keen attention to detail and a driven work-ethic, Leah has become an essential member of Matt's busy team! 


Jessica Wacker

Jessica joined Doar, Drill & Skow in the fall of 2018, as assistant to Attorney Matthew Biegert. She has proven to be an invaluable member of the team, exuding positivity, motivation and a detail-oriented work product. 

Christine Mallory

Christine joined Doar, Drill & Skow in March 2018, as a file clerk for Attorneys Matthew Biegert and Ardell Skow. Her enthusiasm and positive demeanor, paired with her strong work ethic, has made her a tremendous asset to the firm.