Doar, Drill & Skow File Clerks

Meet our team of File Clerks at Doar, Drill & Skow, who preserve client files on a daily basis to maintain and safeguard all attorney-client relationships. 


Tonya Hesselink

Tonya joined the firm in March of 2017 as a file clerk for Attorney Michael Brose. She came to Doar, Drill & Skow with over a decade of legal experience, which helped her quickly expand her role to Paralegal Assistant for Mr. Brose.  Tonya is also a certified massage therapist.  Her passion for helping and caring for others has made her an exceptional advocate for our clients.

Leah Sanders

Leah came to Doar, Drill & Skow in the spring of 2017 and serves as file clerk to Attorney Matthew Biegert. With a calm, compassionate nature, a keen attention to detail and a driven work-ethic, Leah has become an essential member of Matt's busy team! 

 Lauren Becker Lauren joined Attorney Michael Brose's team in February 2018. Her previous work history included accounting and human resource support. Lauren has been a positive, energetic and highly efficient member of Mike's team, helping to make each case "behind the scenes" smoother and more organized.