Doar, Drill & Skow Healthcare Records Clerks

Meet the dedicated Healthcare Records Clerks at Doar, Drill & Skow, who work tirelessly to ensure health record organization and confidentiality on behalf of all clients. 

Mary Krueschke, Healthcare Records Clerk at Doar, Drill & Skow Law Firm in Wisconsin.

Mary Krueschke

Doar, Drill & Skow welcomed Mary in the fall of 2013. Working primarily with Attorney Mike Brose and his team as healthcare records clerk, Mary's keen attention to detail and organization has made her a valued asset to the firm. A New Richmond native, she enjoys spending time gardening, volunteering and with her family.


Heather Gilkerson

Heather joined the firm in August 2016, as a healthcare records clerk for Attorney Ardell Skow. Since then, she's expanded her role to include medical records clerking with Attorney Matthew Biegert. With prior legal experience, she has moved into her new roll with ease. Her efficient and organized nature has made her an ideal fit.