Intent to Distribute in Wisconsin

Should you be accused of possessing illegal drugs with the intent to sell, act immediately to protect your rights. Minimum penalties, even for a first offense, can be severe without excellent legal representation. Additionally, you may be tried for possession with the intent to distribute even if you have not sold or delivered any drugs at the time of the allegation. Find a strong supporter through these charges with Doar, Drill & Skow's criminal defense lawyers.

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Benefit from working with knowledgeable attorneys who hold decades of trial experience and have helped countless clients in the past. Doar, Drill & Skow has successfully obtained "not guilty" verdicts in cases relating to the possession of drugs with the intent to sell or deliver.

Let us help keep your record clean by zealously negotiating or going to trial on your behalf. Extensive criminal defense experience means you have the support and protection you deserve, while minimizing your sentence or keeping you out of jail entirely. From recreational drugs and marijuana to prescription pharmaceuticals, rely on Doar, Drill & Skow to provide excellent representation for your case.

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Begin building your defense with help from Doar, Drill & Skow, an AV rated law firm with over 135 years of experience in criminal defense and trial expertise. Your personal proponent, we will utilize vast resources to gain a favorable judgment for your case.

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At Doar, Drill & Skow, our expert defense lawyers work diligently to protect your freedom and rights. At each step, we will fully explain the issues in your case and discuss recommended actions. You are kept involved and informed as we resolve the charges against you.

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