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Legal Separation Attorneys in WisconsinIf you and your spouse are uncertain about divorce, legal separation is a possible alternative. In Wisconsin, legal separation is sought when people want to have legal protection but desire to remain married. It involves a court order declaring that all the issues concerning the marriage have been resolved with the exception of marital status. Legal separation is typically pursued when the parties want to stay married for religious reasons, want the advantage of deductibility of spousal support payments for income tax returns, want to maintain various insurance coverages, or do not want to wait the statutory waiting period for termination of marital status.

In legal separation, like in divorce, orders will be made for the following:

In these cases, even though you become legally separated, you are not free to remarry. You have the option, however, of either dismissing the judgment of legal separation if you decide to resume married life or converting your legal separation into divorce.

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