Post-Divorce Modification in Wisconsin

Spousal support, child support, custody and placement (visitation) arrangements do not have to be permanent. They can be outdated, changed or violated. When this happens, individuals must ask the court to grant a modification or to enforce their original order.

When Can I Make a Modification Request?

The court will only allow you to make a modification request of their previous order if you have waited the required period of time and if there has been a substantial change in your life or in the life of the other party. Substantial changes can include:

  • A change in either spouse’s income
  • A move to a new location or state
  • A sudden health problem
  • Substance abuse problems
  • Other substantial changes

If one party requests a modification and the other party doesn’t agree, this dispute can be handled through negotiation or in court. At Doar, Drill & Skow, we try to minimize the conflict in the lives of you and your children. However, when necessary, we can also aggressively represent you in court.

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