Spousal Maintenance in Wisconsin

Spousal maintenance or support, formerly known as alimony, is a monthly financial support that one spouse pays to the other spouse. It may be ordered for a very short period of time, longer periods of time or indefinitely based on a variety of factors. A few of these factors include:

  • Age of the parties
  • Current income of the parties
  • Division of property
  • Education levels and job skills of each party
  • Future earning capacity of the parties (the ability of each spouse to work)
  • Health or disability of the parties
  • Income disparity
  • Length of the marriage

Spousal support is an issue that can be agreed upon by the two parties during negotiations or in divorce mediation. However, if the parties disagree, or if one person feels he or she is entitled to more support, the issue can be brought to court and heard by a judge.

Because spousal maintenance is not based on formula like child support, maintenance may greatly depend on your attorney’s ability to make a strong case for or against support, in what amount, and for what length of time.

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