Wrongful Termination in Wisconsin

Losing employment can be devastating for anyone, but even more so for someone who has been wrongfully terminated. Determining on whether you have been wrongfully terminated can be a confusing process. "Wrongful discharge" and "wrongful termination" are commonly used to describe any termination that an individual feels is unjust or unfair. however in the legal world, wrongful termination is a specific cause of action under the law.

Wisconsin's "At-Will" Employment Doctrine

It is important to understand that not every termination is unlawful, even if it seems unfair. Wisconsin operates under an "at-will" employment doctrine. Under this doctrine, an employer can normally terminate any employment relationship (i.e. fire an employee) for good cause, no cause, or even for reasons that seem subjectively and morally wrong. This "at-will" doctrine also means that employees are free to end the employment relationship (i.e. quit) whenever and for whatever reason they choose.

Exceptions to the "At-Will" Doctrine

There are exceptions to the "at-will" employment doctrine. In Wisconsin, employers can be held financially liable for harm suffered by an employee when discrimination, harassment or unfair labor practices are involved in the termination.

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